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Erase Anxiety Hypnosis MP3 Download
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Erase Anxiety Hypnosis MP3 Download

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What Previous Customers Have Said

"I've found all the Rapid Transformations products I've tried -- and I've bought over twenty of them -- to be quite effective. The one that has helped me the most, however, is the "Erase Anxiety" Hypnosis MP3. After using this, I know I never need let anxiety take the best of me again. After quite a number of years of suffering, I now know I can control my anxiety. Thanks, Steve, for creating such valuable products!"
Angelo B. | New York City, NY USA
"I am 80 yrs old, wife is 77 yrs old, we are raising a granddaughter who will be 11 in Feb,, she started having bad anxiety attacks, tried everything, best Doctor, Hosp, in Tenn., nothing helped, order your hypnosis [MP3s] on anxiety, and also copied your free tapes by E-Mail. In about a month now we have seen about 80 to 90% improvement and really think that listening to the tapes for another month she will be cured. Before I would take her to school and she would start to cry and shake all over, wanting to go back home, and at time we would have to go get her at school after only being their for a hour or so, now she goes to school, is happy, smiling, and has a 100% better outlook on herself, at the time we could not really afford the tapes but we had no other choice but to try them as we had made trips to Nashville,Tn and other places seeking help, but none of them help at all, thanks for making such great hypnosis [MP3s], and may the lord bless you, Fred and Barbara, the Grandparents." 
Fred England | Sparta, TN USA
"This is a great and convenient way to improve a person's well being and thinking pattern. It's a private way to address areas needed for specific self improvement, in the privacy of your own home. I purchased this for my young adult son who has had struggles with anxiety and self esteem. I've had a difficult time getting him to see a doctor for his depression, whether it be because of embarrassment or being discouraged. But with the hypnosis MP3s, in addition to his medication and treatment, I've definitely seen improvement in his behavior. Thank you so much and thank you for the free offers that you have given us as well." 
A. S. | Diamond Bar, CA USA
I know this [hypnosis MP3] is very valuable and I will continue to listen to it. It has relieved anxiety and tension. I'm able to relax more and enjoy life. The most wonderful product that is very easy to listen to. 
R. N. | Christchurch, New Zealand
"Life changing. I'm beginning to feel like myself again, happy, in control, confident. I will be referring your products to several friends. I hope they listen. Price was important for me because it meant I could try something without too much risk. I absolutely love them and I'll be back for more. Thank you very much for making this accessible." 
K. N. | Victoria, Australia
"It seems to be helping in reducing my overall anxiety and my self confidence, just naturally. I would say that these hypnosis MP3s are a valuable and fun way to consistently work on an area you feel you need help with. You really don't have to do any work at all, other than starting up the MP3 and letting yourself relax. The results just start showing up. I have a hard time relaxing when I'm anxious, but these work like a charm to enter that state of relaxation that we all need. It's neat." 
G. M. | Dayton, IA USA