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Accepting Love Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy Script

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Have you ever been curious about what suggestions you might be given under hypnosis in a hypnotherapy session? The following is the Accepting Love Hypnosis Script from the book, Self Hypnosis Toolbox, which can be found on our website or on Amazon.

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Read a complete hypnosis hypnotherapy suggestion script taken from the pages of the Self Hypnosis Toolbox book. This hypnosis script is designed to create change in the way a person thinks and feels about love. While in hypnosis, hypnotic suggestions are given for the ability to accept love in one's life.


Accepting Love Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Script

Now, as you begin to become aware of this deep feeling of relaxation, which you experience throughout your entire body, you now begin to focus entirely on the sound of my voice and the sound of my voice carries you deeper relaxed.

Now, just allow yourself to double the relaxation you now feel, taking you deeper and deeper relaxed.

Now, I want you to realize, right now, that you are in a deep state of relaxed hypnosis, right now, for a personal reason, and that reason is that you want to make some changes in your life.

 You want to stop making excuses for resisting love into your life. You want the excitement and the comfort of having someone you love close to you. You don’t want to run and hide anymore. And because you want these changes in your life, you can have these changes in your life. It is your power and all you have to do is really want these changes and you can decide to make these changes, right now.

 So, you have now come to a point in your life, where these excuses, of passing love by, are not good enough anymore. These excuses of being too busy. These excuses of not having the time. Theses excuses of not being where you want to be in life yet. These excuses of “I’m not worth having someone to love me”.

Whatever your excuses may be. You are done with them. You no longer have a need for them. You know these excuses, you have used, were only lies to yourself.

 So now, take a deep breath and now let it out, pushing all these excuses out once and for all…………all gone now.

 You know that you want love in your life. We all do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You deserve to have someone love you and you also deserve to allow yourself to love someone back.

 Now I want you to do something fun and special. I want you to just recall or remember a time in your life.

 A time in your life, between the ages of 4 - 6 years of age. This is a pleasant time. A time when you were completely innocent to the world. The world was perfect, and you were all so curious.

 Really see yourself at this time.

 How you looked.

 How small you were.

 The innocence in your eyes.

 The way you were always happy, smiling.

 The clothes you wore and how cute you were at this time.

 Everything so exciting and new.

 Perfect. Remember how you used to play so freely and easily.

 Now, I want you to remember, with special attention to, how lovable you are. Feel how lovable you are. You look at this child and you feel nothing but unconditional love for this child. This child could not do anything that could make you feel any different about how much you love this child.

 You see only perfection in how imperfect a child is.

 Still growing and learning. You watch this child with a feeling of warmth and love in your heart. This child smiles because this child feels the love and returns the love. This child was born, into this world, with only one real need and that need was “to be loved”.

 You are this child, remember. You truly love; therefore love is truly returned to you. There is not an excuse in the world, now, that could cause you to turn away from the love you now feel. You now accept love into your life.

 Now, I want you know that you and this child are one in the same. And as you look at this child, with absolute love, this child moves toward you and you both hug each other deeply. It feels so good for you to hug this child and then this child says to you “I love you”.

 Oh, this feels so good. You, in return, say to this child “I love you too”. You hug a little longer with unconditional love.

 …….and as you continue to hug and feel this love, the child begins to blend into to you, moving into you, becoming you. You feel this child’s love move deep within yourself until you realize that you are hugging yourself.

 You begin, now, to understand that this child, that you feel so much love for and so much love returned, is within you. That this unconditional love is strongly centered in you. You know, now, that, to deny love in your life, would be to deny this love to this child within you.

 You now accept love into your life and into this child’s life. You fill your heart with the same love that a child is born into this world with because a child only knows love when it is born.

 And with this said, at any time you want to feel the love of this child, all you have to do is cross your arms across your chest, as if you are hugging your inner child.

 So now, the innocent and always lovable child, you were in the past, and the innocent and lovable person you are now, are always with each other. You are the same.

 You also now know that, whatever you do, affects the innocent and lovable child in you. So if you deny love in your life, you deny love in that child’s life. If you deny affection, you deny affection to the child.

 So, you see, you allow and accept love in your life, the child feels that love too.

 So now, you only have one excuse, and one excuse only, and that is, you accept and allow love and affection to be a part of your life because you and your inner-child deserve it just as much as anyone else in the world.

It is your given right to love and be loved. And any time you feel like you might resist love or affection in your life, just simply cross your arms over your chest and remember the love of the child that is always with you.

You now accept love into your life, and it feels great. It really does, right?

self hypnosis toolbox book

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